In Celebration of the 25th Anniversary of the Establishment of the Macao SAR: SJM Five-a-side Football Friendly: Portugal Icons vs. GBA Flying Dragon

Date : 19 May 2024 (Sun)
Venue : Macau East Asian Games Dome

Come cheer on legendary football superstars in the Five-a-side Football Friendly as we celebrate the 25th Anniversary of the Establishment of the Macao SAR. SJM Resorts has joined forces with the Portuguese Football Federation to support the highly anticipated friendly between the Portugal Icons and GBA Flying Dragon.

The Portugal Icons will bring some of Portugal's most beloved players to Macao. Among the lineup are Luís Figo, considered one of the best players of his generation; Tiago, who has represented Portugal 66 times, including multiple World Cups and championships; and Bosingwa, who represented Portugal at the 2004 Summer Olympics.

Facing off against the Portugal Icons will be the GBA Flying Dragon, featuring a star lineup of celebrities, actors, singers and entertainment figures including Natalis Chan and Eddie Cheung etc.

With the Five-a-side Football Friendly and its related events, SJM continues our dedicated support for the government's "Sport for All" initiative and the development of the city's dynamic fusion of "Sports + Tourism". As Macao's reputation as an international sports destination rises ever higher, come witness a brilliant game with world-class international players and local celebrities.



Venue:Macao East Asian Games Dome

Ticket Price:MOP/ HKD/RMB 388, 288, 188



1. Stadium entrances and security check points will open one (1) hour prior to the match;

2. If you choose to pick up your tickets at the venue, please arrive at the venue early before the performance and log on to the ticketing website early to pick up your tickets with the ticket collection voucher in your personal e-ticket folder (it is recommended to take a screenshot first), or at any Macao Ticket Service Centers or locations with auto ticketing machines. If you pick up your tickets at a manual counter, please present your valid ID and electronic payment certificate or confirmation number to redeem your admission ticket;

3. When spectators attend the competition, they need to check their personal belongings and present a valid ticket. Only after successful ticket inspection and confirmation of passing the personal belongings inspection can they enter the venue. If the entry fails due to reasons such as inability to pass the security check or presenting invalid tickets, the responsibility and losses shall be borne by the spectators themselves;

4. Children below the age of  3 or under 1.2 meters in height who do not occupy a seat and accompanied by a paying adult can be admitted free of charge. Each adult could only bring in one free-admission child each time;

5. Storage services are not provided on site, any form of suitcase and bag exceeding 50cm in length or width is prohibited;

6. It is strictly prohibited to bring food and beverages (drinking water is allowed), laser pens, banners, slogans, lighters and matches, fragile items or other dangerous items into the premises;

7. Smoking is strictly prohibited inside the stadium;

8. It is strictly prohibited to carry photography and camera equipment with a focal length exceeding 200mm, and a tripod is not allowed to be carried;

9. After entering the venue, recording or live streaming is strictly prohibited;

10. During the viewing period, the use of flashing lights is strictly prohibited;

11. It is not allowed to use selfie poles or other equipment for shooting in the stands area. Staff who cannot cooperate will be asked to leave the venue;

12. Prohibit disruptive behavior that may interfere with other attendees experience, such as excessive noise, verbal abuse, etc.

13. Do not throw any objects or liquids within the confines of the stadium;

14. Please refrain from chanting any racist or xenophobic chants, as well as chants that incite violence, during the match;

15. Displaying posters, flags, symbols, or other signs with offensive, violent, racist, xenophobic, sexist, provocative, political, religious, or ideological messages, or any signs that incite violence or discrimination in any way, is strictly prohibited during the match;

16. Prohibit the continuous collection, transmission, dissemination, publication, or publication of any competition results or related statistical data;

17. For the quality of the event broadcast, please mute your phone;

18. If spectators need to leave the venue temporarily during the performance, they need to use the designated exit and make sure they received the official identification for re-entry. If they leave the venue without identification or unclear identification, no reissue regardless of the reason. When re-entering, spectators need to go through the security bag check again and present the original ticket, and clear official identification. If they lost the tickets or if the official identification is unclear for any reason, no re-entry is allowed and no refund will be given;

19. It is forbidden to resell tickets above the face value, to counterfeit or to forge tickets and such act committed may constitute a violation of Law nº 6/96/M, of 15th July;

20. SJM Resorts, S.A. (“The Organizer”) reserves the right to change or cancel the event due to inclement weather and other force majeure; the Organizer shall not indemnify or be liable to any person in any way for such events.

21. The Organizer reserves the right to refuse entry to (or remove from) the venue, any person who does not comply with these terms and conditions, or for safety, health, or security reasons. The Organizer shall not indemnify or be liable to any person in any way for such events.

22. The Organizer reserves the right of interpretation and final decision of any disputes on these terms.

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